Friday, September 28, 2012

The Other Side

When I started our blog about our firstborn, that is what it was, a blog about the kids for family and friends. Then in morphed and it was about the kids and about our racing and training, but then the eldest got a little bigger and I decided to make that blog private and, in the meantime, with the hassle of the password and all that, lost, I think, most of the readers who aren't interested in the kids.

But now I am seeking that competitive side of me again. Having babies is not necessarily good for one's athletic endeavors, but I know that just a little hard training and discipline will bring out the speed and fitness that has been kind of elusive this past year. When I trained and raced before, I wouldn't have necessarily used the term "balanced" to describe my life - it was kind of sport heavy. Now I won't have a choice but to be balanced, so I am going to shoot for that.  

So, at a time when I am trying to revive the athlete in me, it seems like it might be appropriate to revive the training and racing blog. Who knows if anyone will read it - maybe I will have some races and/or experiences either so good or so hilariously bad that they might be worth reading about. But on the tail end of a block of 3 weeks of solid training, a feat after a 2012 that has not been too conducive to training for all kinds of reasons, I will try it out.

And so, it is always important to have a discussion of goals.

Short term: Don't embarrass myself at the Turkey Trot 5k. I've managed to place in this race 2 or 3 times, which was easier when no one knew about it. As an Arlington race it keeps getting faster and faster, but I have put myself on a training plan that will hopefully get me through it at a pace that is respectful.  Also, I am going to try one or two more cyclocross races. I can't hope to not embarrass myself there, but if I do them and have fun, I will likely be happy. Ish.

Not good enough? Ok - I am shooting for the low 7 min/ mile pace, that is, anything up to 7:30/mile. A few years ago this would have been a no-brainer, but we'll see what happens in 2012.

On the horizon for 2013: Backyard Burn series, Shamrock Half Marathon, what sprints and olys fit into our schedule. I will enter the lottery for the NY marathon again and if I get in, training for that will direct what else I decide to do. I have only done one marathon, Marine Corps, and injury, travel, and being in the middle of a rugby 15s season caused me not to train properly. As a New Yorker I decided that the only other one I really want to do is NYC. So I better get to it while I am still youngish.