Monday, May 26, 2014

Sugarloaf Ride

Seems like my Ignite Endurance team members are always heading off for a ride to Sugarloaf Mountain. It's about a 40 mile ride from DC and the starting point is about 10 miles from us here in Falls Church. I don't generally ride long, haven't ridden more than 50 probably since I last trained for a half Iron in 2009. Until yesterday I had never been, as just picking up a century ride is not something I am really able to do.

When our family was discussing Memorial Day plans, I wanted to do some hiking with the kids. My husband suggested I do the ride to Sugarloaf, which has short hiking trails, good for families with little ones. They would give me a head start (a sizable one) and meet me there for hiking. It was a terrific morning and I had a terrific ride, though it was a little hillier than I have been doing, and not on the portions of the route I was expecting hills.

In the end I beat them there by about 15 minutes (winner!) so I go a little rest (though I hung out on shoulder and when I saw them, I let them catch me at the parking lot--I suspected the going entertainment on the ride had been looking out the window for Mommy and I didn't want to disappoint). The rest was needed though, since the second part of my workout included some stretches of carrying a squirmy 30 pounds up the steepest parts of the mountain.

Sugarloaf was a success, though. I'll have to figure out a way to get back.

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